Domino’s (Yes) Wants To Pay You (YES) To Eat Garlic Bread For Them (YES!!!)

Previously, before today, you might have thought that the only thing better than garlic bread was free garlic bread. That reality is gone now; replaced by an all-new, much better, far-beyond-your-wildest-dreams version where “free garlic bread” is savagely outgunned by “getting paid to eat free garlic bread.” Sounds crazy, right? Right? Right??? Wrong. Domino’s Australia is officially on the hunt for a “Chief Garlic Bread Taste Tester.” That’s a real job. It’s paid. You could get it. We’re not kidding.

[jwplayer eLxUn8Ot]

The mysterious job ad fired across our bow via LinkedIn earlier this morning, with Domino’s promising the lucky person selected to fill the gaping vacancy actual human money in exchange for munging and giving feedback on delicious, tasty garlic bread.

See? It’s real. Good garlicy lord in heaven, it’s real.

The Chief Garlic Bread Taste Tester role is open to anyone who has “never met a carb they didn’t like” does not “identify as a vampire,” understands the “perfect crunch-to-softness ratio.”

Unfortunately for any garlic bread rookies or amateurs out there, the role is seemingly best suited to a seasoned pro, with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in “garlic bread consumption” required, as well as a detailed understanding of the “pizza and garlic bread relationship.”

The gig is a casual, one-day affair sadly. Meaning those of you with hopes of fattening your super account while you fatten your tum are shit out of luck.

But the lucky applicant gets to spend a day in the Domino’s Brisbane HQ copping $30 an hour for an entire 7.5 hour day – with, of course, a pizza lunch included – where they’ll sample garlic breads and various other products, and give feedback to Domino’s menu development team. Meaning you’ll essentially be getting paid to have a hand in the shape of garlic bread to come. Which is, not to put too fine a point on it, bloody huge.

The application process requires a short survey and short video if you’re so inclined, and is open to anyone in Australia (they’ll fly you up and back if you don’t happen to live in Brisbane).

Feel like chucking your name into the hat for the literal gig of a lifetime? The job ad is right here. Get cracking.