This Lady Is Getting Christmas Roasted For Making Profit Off Charging Fam To Eat Dins At Hers

A woman is getting right Christmas roasted online for charging her fam $65 a head to dine at her place on Christmas Day but only using a portion of the funds for the feast.

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The British grandma admitted to making a profit at Christmas as she found herself catering for more and more people.

This year she catered for 12 guests including her three children, their partners, her four grandchildren and some of her friends.

Hayley Garbutt, North Yorkshire in the UK, has already received the $785 to create her lavish feast, but has only spent $560 on the food.

The end of life carer, 52, said, “I get all of my family to put in before I go and do the shop.

“This year I spent $560 online at the supermarket, doing the big shop and making sure I had a variety of things in.

“My fridge is absolutely packed and I’ve got all sorts of different meats in, from beef, to turkey, pork and chicken.

“I’ve got champagne for Christmas Day and all the fizzy drinks for the kids.

“On the actual day, I have my daughters Lucy 26, and Zola, 33 coming and my son Luke, 27.

“They’re all bringing their partners, and Zola’s kids are coming too — Ella 13, Ashton 11, Dawson seven and Summer rose, three and we’ve got another one on the way too.”

“I’ll lay their Christmas meal out like a buffet and make sure everything that they request is there.

“It’s going to be the full works, and nobody leaves until really late, as in the evening I get more guests coming too.

“I’ll wash up and I’ll clean but I’ll make sure there’s everything from King prawns, to pizza, to homemade quiches.”

She added, “Christmas is such an important time of year for me, I love to see the kids open their presents, and love being close to all my family.

“In truth, I’d probably say my family are spoilt at Christmas — but that’s part of the fun of it.”

I’m sure her intentions for sharing her wicked scheme was to receive a virtual pat on the back from punters but it appears that no one is impressed by her.

Many have labelled her actions as “wrong”.

“Wouldn’t dream of charging my family for an Xmas dinner,” one person wrote online.

“I would want some more gravy for $65. I would never charge someone let alone my family,” another added.

One said: “You shouldn’t be making a profit!!!! I don’t blame people for charging, it can all add up but to profit from it is completely wrong!!”