Ah, Shit: The Age-Old Debate About Sauce Placement On Hot Chips Has Ignited Once More

There are two types of people in this world: those who squirt a nice little pool of sauce to the side of their hot chips for dipping purposes, and those who aggressively saturate the entirety of the pile in one fell swoop. This isn’t a new dichotomy by any means – rather, it’s an age-old debate that continues to leave chip-loving punters red-faced, while aggressively bashing their keyboards in indignation. And now it’s happening again…

There’s been a couple of iterations of the below images floating around on Twitter over the past 24 hours. One being Twitter user @Medina_Ldn, posing the seemingly harmless question: “What kind of person are you, 1 or 2?”

Let the games begin. *Ding ding*

In the name of unbiased journalism I’ll kindly refrain from shitting on either one of the competitors, but I will say that pouring a whole bottle of tommy sauce on all of the chips at once just puts unnecessary time pressure on the eater before the whole damn things gets soggy. And that’s stress-inducing. (I guess that is me shitting on one of the competitors, hey. So be it.)