Smith’s Has Collabed W/ Subway, Mad Mex & Red Rooster And We Can Get Around This Crunch Time

smith's chips mad mex subway red rooster collab

A new collaboration nobody was prepared for has entered the villa: Smith’s Chips creating crunchy new snacks with Subway, Red Rooster and Mad Mex. The beloved chippie brand has joined forces with the three fast food faves to create a new range of crinkle-cut chomps and you can consider our interests extremely piqued.

The limited edition Taste Icons range features five flavours that can be found at select supermarkets around the traps from January.

smith's chips subway mad mex red rooster
GIVE IT ME. [Image: Supplied]
Subway’s selection includes a meatball sub flavour at Coles, a pizza sub flav found at Woolies and a chicken teriyaki sub to be spotted at independent retailers like IGA.

You’ll also be able to track down Red Rooster Red’s fried chicken burger and Mad Mex double crunch hot sauce flavours on shelves right around Australia.

Sorry but hot sauce-flavoured chippies sound like extremely my shit. It’s giving a tongue-tingling twist on those tomato chips from my childhood. You know the ones. Someone alert the munch squad because this is a journey in brand eating that absolutely needs to be documented for posterity.

These tasty new Smith’s snackies will set you back $4.30 for a bag and you’ll be able to find them at your local shops right now.

Now all Smith’s Chips needs to do is bring back Tazos and we’ll all reach some kind of crunchy, carb-laden nirvana. Please, it’s what we need and deserve in 2023, if only to make trudging through the last couple of years actually bloody worth it.