SOY M8: Vegan Magnums & Cornettos Are Now A Thing In Yr Local Freezer Aisle

Put down that Lacteeze, my friends, because there’s a nice lil’ surprise in the freezer section of your local supermarket in the form of dairy-free, vegan MagnumsCornettosWeis Bars, and pints of Ben & Jerry’s.

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No more will those with lactose intolerance and/or a vegan diet have to struggle through the sincere FOMO of mid-summer ice creams, as these big players in the frozen creamy treat game bust out the big, nut-milk-based guns.

Here’s you, and also me:

From all reports, the ice creams go pretty hard. I polished off a pint of the Ben & Jerry’s Coconut Seven Layer Bar made on almond milk and mates, it slaps. I can sit there and binge watch tv and scoff down some ice cream, lying to myself that it’s totally more healthy because it’s dairy-free. I don’t think that’s how it works but please, let me live this lie.

Magnum has made dairy-free, vegan versions of its tried-and-true classic and iconic almond sticks made on pea protein, while Cornetto has elbowed in with a simple, delicious vanilla cone made on a soy milk base.

Weis has been offering a dairy-free alternative for a while in tubs and four-packs, but the Raspberry & Coconut bar is the first entrance into single-bar dairy-free options for those road trip pit-stop moments when you’re craving an ice cream that you’ll likely drip into your lap. Ahh, this is LIVING.

Cop yourself one of these bad boys this arvo from your local supermarket, servo, or convenience store. I’m especially looking at your Sydney, it’s like a thousand degrees out there today. Go treat yourself to vegan Magnums for Christ’s sake.