PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Smith's Chips to celebrate the launch of their Street Eats flavours. Check out the best recipes entered in the Chippie Sanga Challenge.

Americans have come up with some questionable food in the past (what’s up with cheese in a can, Americans?), but that doesn’t mean they haven’t occasionally struck meaty gold.

Case in point: pulled pork. I’d inject it straight into my veins if it was plausible and socially acceptable. Anywho, as part of the Smith’s Chippie Sanga Challenge, contestants were asked to make their best sanga using Smith’s Street Eats chip flavours, with Fiona Selimi banging out a doozy of a feast with their American Pulled Pork style potato chip.

Here’s a close up for your viewing pleasure:

If you wanna replicate it at home (or in the street, park? Wherever), here’s what went into them:

1 Toasted brioche bun
2 shakes of Crunchy Asian-inspired apple slaw
1 decent handful of Smith’s American Pulled Pork Chips
3-17 Onion rings
1 chunk Spicy chipotle mayo

Who says you need actual meat when you’ve got meat-flavoured potato?

Meanwhile, If you missed out on this comp and still want a slice of the action, Smith’s are still running their own competition over on their site which could land you a cool $20,000 trip to enjoy street food in the country of your choice, or $200 daily cash prizes. Try your luck here.

Image: Supplied