Need To Spice Up Your Work Lunch? This Chip Sanga Recipe Should Do The Trick

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

If your favourite type of food is Mexican, you’re not alone (but you are basic as hell). If you also happen to have a soft spot for chips, then m8, are you in luck.

As part of the Chippie Sanga Challenge, a competition that inspired people to make their own sangas using Smith’s Street Eats flavoured chips, a burrito enthusiast by the name of Michael Quinn submitted his own recipe for a Burrito Sanga. Basically, a chip and bread take on the traditional Mexican burrito.

Take a gander at it below:

To construct this monster of a sanga, Michael threw together almost every ingredient under the sun:

2 kilos of Guacamole
1 juicy af beef patty
3 chunks of cheese (add more if you’re not stupid)
1 pack of Smith’s Mexican Burrito Chips
Chilli Con Carne w/ beans + next morning regret
A heap of sour cream
4 Jalapeños (any less and it’s not authentic)
1 toasted, buttery brioche bun

Holy. Mother. Of. God. While people might get all up in arms about the sanga not being an ~authentic~ Mexican burrito (I mean clearly, it’s a sanga), it still looks like one tasty feed nonetheless. Play on, Michael.

Meanwhile, If you missed out on this comp and still want a slice of the action, Smith’s are still running their own competition over on their site which could land you a cool $20,000 trip to enjoy street food in the country of your choice, or $200 daily cash prizes. Try your luck here.