PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Smith's Chips to celebrate the launch of their Street Eats flavours. Check out the best recipes entered in the Chippie Sanga Challenge.

The search for the perfect chip sandwich is officially over and m8s, we received some absolute ripper recipes.

As part of the Smith’s Chippie Sanga Challenge, people were asked to send in their best take on the tried and tested formula of cramming fried potato in between two slices of bread, and safe to say it got a little out of hand.

With the new Smith’s Street Eats flavours to choose from – Chinese Peking Duck, American Pulled Pork and Mexican Burrito – the recipes drew inspiration from various cuisines with mouthwatering results.

The winner of the 10K Travel Voucher, based on the recipe that most successfully transported us across the globe food-style, was Amy Edwards‘ very own Stuffed Steamed Sanga Sandwiching Smith’s.

Check out our very own Pedestrian Panda tuck in like a ravenous fiend below:

For all of you aspiring chefs out there, here’s the super vague recipe:

Homemade steamed buns
Duck breast
Spring onion
Hoisin sauce
Peking Duck Smith’s Chips

You’re left to work out the ratios and method yourselves but that’s half the fun, no?

If you’re already thinking that’s sounding like a pretty decent mouthful, slice the steamed bad boy in half and you’ll discover a sweet surprise hidden in its bun.

Salivating yet?

Meanwhile, If you missed out on this comp and still want a slice of the action, Smith’s are still running their own competition over on their site which could land you a cool $20,000 trip to enjoy street food in the country of your choice, or $200 daily cash prizes. Try your luck here.

Image: Supplied