Some Munchies Lord Put A Chip Butty In The Kmart Pie Maker & Made A Culinary Masterpiece

The Kmart Pie Maker Recipes, Tips and Ideas Australia FB group is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Truly the peak and pits of isolation cooking and baking, ranging from impressive and ingenious hacks like making muffins, crumpets, and brownies in there, to the more questionable things like putting whatever leftovers are in the fridge into pastry and hoping for the best. But one absolute genius has taken the humble chip butty to the pie maker, just to see how that’d go.

And my friends, I’m proud to report that it went very bloody well.

Pie Maker fan and potential mad scientist Samantha got deeply inspired by other people reheating chip shop chippies in their pie makers, and decided to see if a chip butty would go okay in there. Look, she might not be a Lord of the Munchies but we’re gonna give her that honorary title from today.

Using some leftover hot chips, a couple of circles of white bread – as is custom for a chip butty – and some rib sauce that her husband whipped up (oh my god) she went to work and created what is quite possibly the Michelangelo’s masterpiece of a pie maker. Gaze upon its splendour below.

chip butty pie
chip butty pie maker
Hoo mama.

Legit, I love this. I’m very about this, especially on those days when I want a chip butty but also the comforting warmth of a toastie.

chip butty pie maker
It me, looking at this chip butty pie

I love the inclusion of the rib sauce, it’d make the chippies so tangy and smoky, but I reckon it’d go so well with tomato sauce. Or even a simple gravy. Fuck it, chips and gravy in a little bready pie. Why not.

It’s absolutely making me want to drag out the pie maker I have here at home and get creative this weekend. What the fuck else can we make into tiny pies? How many chip-based snacks can we make? Please, tell me all your cookery ideas, I will endeavour to make them.