Some Bloke Has Dreamed Up The ‘Party Pie Toastie’ In The Midst Of Iso Cabin Fever

Look I know you’ve probably just spent your whole Sunday afternoon meal prepping for the week ahead inside (or you’ve maybe just ordered nuggies on UberEats for the fifth time in the last seven days) but may I suggest you put it all back into the fridge, because the ultimate iso-lunch is here: the party pie jaffle/toastie/thing.

Does exactly what it says on the lid, really. It’s a party pie baked into a toastie, or jaffle, or whatever you want to call it. It sounds cursed but also looks cursed and delicious.

Reddit user NaturalJuggernaut (aka Darwin legend Dave Krantz) shared his probably-tasty-and-definitely-chaotic-good recipe to the Australia subreddit and his own Twitter over the weekend, detailing the creation process of the party pie toastie from go to woah. It’s got cross-fading transitions and supremely basic iMovie text titles. It’s got it all.

All in a handy little video, which begins with popping the party pie into the oven to defrost and cook. Honestly looks a bit weird to just one have (1) party pie in the oven, he’s all lonely in there.

party pie toastie
[Sound Of Silence plays in the distance]
After thoroughly cooking and crisping up the pie – bonus points for actually doing it in the oven and not the microwave, by the way – you then chop up some bits to put in with it. From what I can tell, this is some roughly-chopped parsley and block cheese. And I mean roughly chopped.

party pie toastie
Look at that hunk of cheese. Chaos.

Now to assemble. You butter the outsides of the bread – the bits that’ll be facing the bottom and lid of the toaster – and start construction. (Ed tip: swipe some mayo on the buttered sides too, and crumble some cheese on it. Thank me later.)

Anyway, do that as fucking chaotically as possible. Thusly:

party pie toastie
Bit of a bonus iMovie text swipe going on here, too.

Look at that. No rhyme or reason to the cheese chunks. No nice little slices here. Just chaos.

Then you bung it in the press and hold it down if the latch is fucked. Which it is for the Master Chef here but honestly, it just adds to the whole mood.

Flick the party pie toastie out once it’s all sealed and golden brown. No need for tools that you’ll just have to wash up later. Use your (washed) hands. Who cares.

Chop that bastard in half to get a good cross-section shot.

party pie toastie
Chopped, 2020.

Add ~garnishes~ to your plated-up party pie toastie creation.

party pie toastie
Tomato sauce. Garnish.

And Bob’s your uncle. You’ve created quite possibly the most-Aussie snack ever, the party pie toastie.

If you’re more of a visual learner, chuck a teatowel over your shoulder and check out the video below. I actually really want to try this now, yes even after I made that God-awful potato chip omelette the other week.

Presenting the party pie toastie. It’s the answer to a question nobody asked.
by u/NaturalJuggernaut in australia