Some 100% Chaotic Mum Has Discovered The Kmart Sausage Roll Maker Fits Mars Bars Perfectly

Just like clockwork, someone has hacked the heck out of that new Kmart sausage roll maker we talked about last week. One Facebook mum from Perth has figured out that the new sauso roll maker fits a fill-sized Mars Bar pretty perfectly, and promptly made choccy-stuffed pastries. Talk about a speedy Kmart gadget hack, my Lort.

How long did I say it would take for someone to find a recipe hack for the sausage roll maker? Three days? Literally took one (1) weekend before something emerged, incredible.

The kitchen gadget genius created her choccy bar treats with three ingredients; a Mars Bar, pastry, and some icing sugar for dusting. Literally that’s it. Placing a layer of pastry down on the toaster’s bottom hot plate, she when nestled the Mars Bars in the grooves, essentially replacing the sausage roll mixture. She then laid another layer of pastry on top and clamped the thing shut, sealing each of the little pastry parcels in place.

kmart recipe hack
Oh…my God.

What came out the other side was crunchy, golden pockets of molten chocolate, gooey caramel and soft nougat. Chopped in half and dusted with a bit of icing sugar, it sounds like the next step up from a deep-fried Mars Bar – probably with less mess and potential of burning yourself accidentally, too.

kmart recipe hack mars bar roll
Me @ me.

This is just the beginning, people. Imagine this but it’s a Snickers or Picnic bar, with all the peanuts and stuff. Or a Bounty with a layer of goopy coconut. I’m still waiting for someone to make a version of the Macca’s apple pie in this thing – I reckon just a couple of layers of puff pastry, a spiced apple mix, and some egg wash on top and you’ve hit the nail on the head.

Email me your isolation creations, people. Come forth and deliver me your best Kmart kitchen gadget hack, even if it went to absolute shit. I yearn for them.