As one pocket of the country stares down the barrel of more time in iso, a time-honoured weekend tradition is returning to the other side of the country. That’s right folks, the glorious Bunnings snags and sausage sizzle are looking like they’ll return to their rightful place for Western Australians by the end of July.

Nature is truly healing, the Dads can return to their Saturday morning routines. You truly do love to see it.

As reported by PerthNow, the hardware giant has been in chats with local governments to have snags back on the barbie by the end of the month, which has made me, a Melburnian, insanely jealous.

Bunnings chief operating officer Deb Poole said that they’ve been working on a “careful plan” to bring the sacred snags back once the restrictions have eased, but only if it’s safe for everyone involved. Yes, including Trish from the local school P&C.

“We know people are missing our community sausage sizzles and we are working on a careful plan to bring them back in places where restrictions have eased,” she said.

“We hope to have them back up and running in WA towards the end of the month pending final checks and consultation.”

Join me, if you will, in fantasizing about the first sausage sandwich/sausage in bread/sausage sizzle/whatever you call it. Smelling the waft of cooking snags and onions as you get out of the car, scrounging for change in the centre console, standing in line in the warm sun with a bunch of dads waiting for that mid-morning snack.

Just close your eyes and let your mind wander to that first bite, the tang of the tomato sauce, the slight sweetness of the Tip Top white bread. Feeling the tension of the sausage’s skin before it eventually breaks beneath your teeth and the flavour of all that well-cooked mystery meat awakens your 9000 tastebuds with its barbequed juices. The sharp bite of the onion rounding it all out, while you try to not drip anything on your shirt.

The clean, crisp crack of a can of Coke (or Passiona if you’re lucky) to wash it all down.

It’s basically weekend smut, and Western Australia is terribly lucky if they get the go-ahead this month.

Please don’t rub it in.

Image: Instagram / @hotdogsofmelbourne