This New Vodka Pre-Mix Is Donating Your Booze Money To The Environment, So Cheers To That

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Picture this: the weather is warming up again, you’re thirsty AF, and you simply cannot with a beer. Instead, you’re cooling down with one of the best pre-mixed drinks around and helping the planet at the same time.

best pre-mixed drinks - Eddie Murphy
These are the vibes.

Last summer, alcoholic fizzy drinks flooded the market. Seriously, people went crazy for them, I went crazy for them – they’re delish, refreshing and always look so pretty. There’s only one vodka soda mix that will donate your drinking money to charity, though.

C.A.N (Create Action Now) is the brand new low sugar, low cal, vodka soda pre-mix in a can (get it?). They’ll be launching with two flavours: Ruby Grapefruit (always the best flavour IMO) and Pineapple & Passionfruit.

Now yes, this sounds like a good time as it is, but this is one groggy drink that is actually doing good. C.A.N is launching in time for Keep Australia Beautiful Week’ (from August 16 to 22), and they’re keeping the message real.

They’ve already donated over $5,000 upfront to Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) and their #SeaToSource project, which aims to stop plastics and other litter from entering our oceans via working with local communities.

Where do you come in? C.A.N. has vowed to donate 10% of all its profits to land, water, and air conservation efforts, through charities and community organisations like CVA. So you can literally help the planet by having a good time. That’s got to make it number one of the best pre-mixed drinks, yes?

You can try it for yourself by heading to Boozebud or your local bottle shop and suss out C.A.N.’s progress or get involved with enviro-friendly projects right here.

Cheers to that.