Bennett St Dairy Is Flogging Logs Of Its Famous Cookie Dough For Your Iso Baking Needs

Attention Sydney, if you’re wanting to try your hand at baking up what’s arguably the city’s most indulgent, gooey, delicious chocolate chip cookies this weekend, you can now get a stick of that cookie dough delivered right to your doorstep.

Yep, those saliva-induing cookies from Bennett Street Dairy (and its little sibling café, Blair St Dairy) in Bondi are totally available to be ordered online, in full cookie dough form. I wanna preheat the oven right now in anticipation, tbh.

When the big shutdowns came into play, it also meant that the Sydney dairy couldn’t sell as much of its beloved cookie dough to wholesale stockists and other cafés, which in turn meant that they ended up with a serious overflow of product. God, what a dilemma to have. Imagine that, suddenly being up to your ears in cookie dough.

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So the geniuses decided to portion it out, roll it up, and flog their logs of cookie dough to customers and fans who might be missing that afternoon tea treat.

Apparently they sold out of 100kg of the stuff in two hours (!!!) and have since kept up with demands, and keeping at-home iso bakers and fans happy.

The cookie dough portions go for $12 per 500g log, which makes you six to eight big cookies (or one giant one if you want) and can be stored in the fridge for a couple of weeks, or in the freezer for three months. Though let’s be real, as if you’re gonna be able to withstand that level of temptation, right?

I also noticed that the cookie dough has no raw ingredients in it either, so I’m not gonna tell you to eat it raw – but I’m also not not saying that. Get me? Good.

Check out the Bennett St Dairy website for everything you need to know, including a baking guide to get those perfect cookies happening. It also looks like they’re gonna launch a white-choc-chip version really soon, too. It’s times like these I bloody wish I still lived in Sydney, I’ll tell ya what.