Hold The Phone, These Bickie-Inspired Milks Are Not An April Fools’ Prank

On a day where just about everything about a brand that you read is most definitely some kind of elaborate gag, the mutterings of Arnotts Biscuits flavoured milk is, for all intents and purposes, not a prank. I’m about 99% sure.

[jwplayer wVWyAnB7]

The bickie kings have made friends with the team at Dairy Farmers to remove the middle man when it comes to dunking a biscuit in a glass of milk, and just make biscuit-flavoured milk. Iced Vovo and Mint Slice flavours, to be precise.

The limited-edition bottles of milk are leaning in hard on the nostalgia of little lunches past, where you copped a couple of glad-wrapped bickies in your lunchbox with some loose change to grab yourself a little milky boy from the canteen if you were lucky.


Whoever works at BP Toowoomba, thank you for this gift.

Now, we haven’t tried them just yet – believe me, we will – but try and reach into your memories to take the sweet, raspberry flavour of an Iced Vovo (maybe the creaminess of the milk stands in for the marshmallow flavour) and the fresh chocolate-mint flavour of a Mint Slice (almost like those little after dinner mints you used to get at fancy restaurants). Now put them in a blender with some milk, and Bob’s yer uncle, that’s probably what they’re gunna taste like (???)

I can hear you all now, screaming in the comments that they should have picked better biscuits to do this with.

What about Kingstons?

This is a travesty against Orange Creams!

Once again, Monte Carlos are completely ignored!!

And you know what? They’re right to not turn Monte Carlos into milk. That would be gross. Moving on.

The bottles of bickie milk will be hitting independent groceries and convenience stores this month, and you’ll be able to find them on shelves in Coles and Woolies from May 20. Bide your time, and strike when the iron’s hot (and the milk’s ice cold.)