Messina & Firedoor Have Birthed An Iced Vovo Gelato That Looks Like A Giant Bickie

Heads up to anyone who’s 1. lives in Sydney and 2. is a big ol’ fan of the humble Iced Vovo, ‘cos an inner-city fancy restaurant has collaborated with Gelato Messina to create tubs of delicious gelato that pays homage to the iconic bickie.

It’s the latest weekly sweet treat to come from the brains inside Messina and Firedoor in Surry Hills, who have previously dreamed up flavours like smoked milk, fire-roasted hazelnut, and truffle gelatos, and are sold exclusively through the fancy restaurant’s online store.

The best bit, if you ask me, is the fact that these tubs look like giant ‘Vo bickes too. In each of the Iced Vovo gelato tubs, you’re treated to a toasted coconut gelato with shortbread biscuit, pink marshmallows and a ripple of raspberry up the middle.

Seriously look at this, it’s so cute.

Tubs of this adorable and delicious-looking Iced Vovo gelato are going for a tidy $19.50 a pop, which is pretty good if you ask me. I mean, when else are you gonna pay under 20 bucks for a tub of ice cream that looks like a giant Iced Vovo?

If you’re in Sydney you can order yourself a tub of the good stuff from Firedoor’s Fireshop website right now for collection on Friday, June 26.

Who knows what the next collab flavour will be, but I bet it’s not gonna be as Aussie kitsch cutie as this one.