Arnott’s Has Unleashed Lamington Iced Vovos Into Shops So Clear Space In the Bickie Tin ASAP

A little sweetness to kick off your week, Arnott’s has gotten a bit creative in the last while and (finally) created packets of Lamington Iced Vovos. And mates, they’re bloody delish. Once again two sweet Aussie treats have come together to create something truly beautiful.

All a part of the new dessert-inspired range, Lamington Iced Vovos switch out the pink fondant with strips of chocolate, and sprinkled in desiccated coconut. It’s so yum and like a little jammy lamington bickie that I’m surprised it took them this long to make then en masse.

Joining the Lamington Iced Vovos in the cheeky new Aussie desserts range are the Mud Cake Shortbread Cream, and the Salted Caramel Tart Scotch Finger. Unbelieveable that Arnott’s have somehow managed to improve on greatness, but here we are.

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The Muddy Boy Shortbread Creams are incredibly moreish – I nearly put away a whole packet in one sitting with multiple cups of tea. Although the Salted Caramel Tart Scotch Fingers are not hugely my fave, I still managed to snack my way through most of a packet with a friend while watching movies. (I’m such a huge Scotch Fingie fan and I found the sweetness of the candied caramel took away from that perfect buttery flavour, but that’s just me.)

The new Arnott’s bickies are set to be available from your local Coles from June 2nd (though some keen eyes have already spotted the Lamington Iced Vovos and its sweet friends in the wild) and will set you back a tight $3. Absolutely boil the jug, you’re gonna need a whole pot of tea to get your laughing gear around these. Lammy Vovos, I’m obsessed.