Holy Shit, Arnott’s Are Releasing Dairy Farmers Choccie Milk-Flavoured TeeVee Snacks

teevee snacks chocolate milk

Don’t freak out but the bikkie kings at Arnott’s have officially turned our beloved Dairy Farmers Choccie Milk into a TeeVee snack. And yes, it’s shaped like a teeny tiny bottle of choccie milk – for ~authenticity.~

They’ve already blessed our biscuit tins once today with the news that they’re releasing a DARE Iced Coffee-flavoured take on the iconic mint slice. But clearly, one biscuit isn’t going to cut it now that roughly 20% of the population is back in lockdown.

At this point, Arnott’s and their constant biscuit good news is the only thing keeping me going in 2020. So you could imagine the actual tears of joy I shed when I found out that the beloved TeeVee snack is getting a choccie milk upgrade.

“Fusing TeeVee Snacks with Dairy Farmers Chocolate Milk, these bottle-shaped-biscuit snacks have a firm crunchy bite. With sweet vanilla and chocolate/cocoa notes with creamy dairy notes and finishes with a lingering milk chocolate,” Arnott’s described the new flavour.

We love a good collab, especially when it involves two iconic Aussie foods, but I’m not even sure we deserve such a power couple. Beyonce and Jay-Z, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, heck, even Emily Blunt and John Krasinski can’t compete with this power couple: Arnott’s bikkies and Lion Dairy.

Iconic. Love it. Love you. Love your work. Huge fan. Love.

The Arnott’s TeeVee Snacks x Dairy Farmers Chocolate Milk biscuits will be hitting shelves at Coles, Woolies and independent bikkie aisles as early as next week, and will set you back just $3.65RRP.

If choccie milk-flavoured TeeVee Snacks somehow doesn’t tickle your fancy, Arnott’s are also slinging Iced Coffee Slice, which will also cost you a measly $3.65. Go on, have a little Iced Coffee Slice, as a treat. You deserve it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to stock up on choccie milk – strictly for dipping purposes.