Comfort food, the king of meals whilst battling against the brunt of winter, is definitely at the front of everyone’s minds as we brace against the elements at the moment, and ALDI has taken massive advantage of this yearning for warm yum tummy times to announce a new product – a Butter ChickenNaanwich“.

It pretty much does what it says on the lid/packet. It’s a naan, folded in half, and stuffed with butter chicken. Kinda like a taco, but if a taco were made in Delhi, or in a dingy back-alley late-night Indian restaurant in London.

The German cheap supermarket chain is slinging a two-pack of the butter chicky naanwiches for $4.99, and to be honest I’m very dubious about it simply because it reminds me of those horrendous pre-made frozen cheeseburgers my brother used to exist on during his teen years.

Combat the hump day blues with a butter chicken naanwich! It’s like a taco, only better.

Posted by ALDI Australia on Tuesday, 28 May 2019

ALDI fans seem to be losing their god damned shit about this snackable treat though, with heaps tagging their mates and screaming about it, while others are using the opportunity to demand that the ‘Urban Bites Quesadilla’ (???) be returned to shelves. Just give the people their quesadilla, ALDI. C’mon.

Look, no matter how close it is to lunchtime, I’m not going to be convinced about this one until I get one into my gob. Plain and simple. But it does make me want to go home and cook up a big batch of Indian curry with some hot n’ fresh naan.

It’s bloody miserable weather in Melbourne today maybe this little snacc is perfect for it? Or maybe for a late-night, post-pub treat to ease the dust on Sunday morning.

Either way, give it a red hot go and let me know how it is, yeah? Also please send me one. I need to know what this thing is like.

Image: Facebook / ALDI