A Melbourne restaurant is on the lookout for the man who was fined $1,652 for driving over 30km to buy its “special” butter chicken.

The Werribee man-in-question was nabbed by Vic police a few days back for travelling into the CBD to purchase a specific type of chicken.

Since then, Tonka restaurant has come forward claiming to be the source of the special dish. Co-owner Kate Bartholomew told Broadsheet that they’d received a couple calls last week asking whether they could do deliver to Werribee.

“One of the callers said, ‘Can I come and pick up?’” she told the publication. “We don’t know for sure … but I would have thought [that] was us.”

The restaurant has now turned to its followers in the hope of finding the guy and delivering him some much-needed packs of goodies.

And with that, I’d now like to present… Mission “Who is Mr Butter Chicken?”

“Guys, help!” Tonka posted on the ‘gram earlier today. “We need to find Mr Butter Chicken…Anyone got a lead? And if so, how would we know he was the real deal? We want to deliver him a few curries to soften the blow.”

“All we know is that he lives in Werribee, he got fined $1,652.00 and had called earlier to ask about delivery to Werribee which we couldn’t do until Wednesday. But how good is Butter Chicken?”

The comments section has since been swarmed with some delicious leads.

“$1,652.00 works out to be 61 Butter Chickens, which equals free butter chicken for life,” Tonka also wrote on Instagram.

“We absolutely do not condone any illegal activity, especially related to COVID but f*ck this gave us well needed laugh.”

Justice for Mr Butter Chicken! We must all embark on this journey together in order to give this chicken-lover some much-needed justice!

Image: Instagram: @tonkarestaurant & Getty Images: South China Morning Post