ALDI has finally stepped into the arena of meal kits, giving us just about everything we need to make a good base for a delish and kinda-fancy meal in a very simple bag of bits.

In an effort to curb the menu panic, staring blankly at the fridge on a Wednesday night, or scrolling online recipe sites aimlessly with nary a clue on what you actually want to eat, the German giant has given us an easy out: an array of cooking kits that’ll make your half-brained mid-week throw-together actually have some kind of identity and form.

Popping up over in the fridge section of your local shop, the range of kits from The Fresh Salad Co are set to essentially expand your kitchen repertoire out to five different cuisines – Indian, Thai, Vietnamese and Mexican. Each kit gives you all the bits you need to make a flavourful base, and all you gotta do is grab the remaining ingredients, which is usually a fresh protein like meat, mock meat, or tofu.

aldi cooking kits easy meals

With these new cooking kits, you could be whipping up a green curry, chilli con carne, tofu pad thai, butter chicken, or pho (which I’m currently obsessed with again now it’s chilly outside), in less time it takes to watch an episode of MasterChef. Because look, not every meal has to be some huge labour of love that takes hours from go to whoa. It’s totally okay to get some pre-chopped veggies and a pre-made sauce base, and add your own extra bits to it. We’re not all Heston bloody Blumenthal over here.

Each of these meal kits will set you back $3.99 a pop at your local ALDI, which is suspiciously easy on the back pocket but I won’t dare look a gift horse in the mouth – especially if it’s stopping me from cooking spag bol for the 400th time.

I’m absolutely going to try out that pho packet, even if it does kinda go against the whole idea of that delicious soup being based on a broth that’s been on the boil for at least two days.

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