ALDI’s Finally Introduced Baskets So You Don’t Have An Impromptu Gym Sesh Every Time You Shop

Lovers of cheap groceries rejoice. ALDI is finally (finally!!!) introducing baskets to all of its Aussie stores. Trolley haters and tote bag users, our time is here.

Lord knows I’ve tried to do a Big Shop in ALDI using only my bare hands before. There’s truly nothing more humiliating than dropping your spring onions and being unable to pick them up because your arms are full of German biscuits.

And there’s something really embarrassing about getting a whole trolley out just to fill it with seven apples, a tube of toothpaste and something rogue from the Random Shit aisle ALDI has.

ALDI announced the baskets in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

“We’re rolling out baskets across all our stores, to help you with your weekly shop and dash in top-ups,” it wrote.

People in the comments also called for ALDI to introduce smaller trolleys, which would be another game changer.

“Sounds great, now could we please have some smaller trolleys, short people have to fall into the trolley to get the stuff out at the checkout,” wrote one Facebook commentor.

“I have spoken to Head Office about this ages ago but didn’t get a reply. I always see very old people struggling with the big trollies as well.”

Progress takes time though lads. Let us bask in the glory of baskets for a moment before asking for more.

Some ALDIs have also trialled self-serve checkouts. The times they are a-changin’ indeed.

I don’t know how I feel about self-serve ALDI checkouts though. Part of the thrill of ALDI is seeing how quickly you can grab all the stuff you’ve bought off the counter. There’s no adrenaline rush better than facing up against an ALDI worker. Absolute machines.

But at least the shopping experience will be at least ten times easier now. The incredibly speedy ALDI workers can throw forcefully throw your groceries into the open maw of a basket instead of your soft, fleshy arms.