Oh Hello, A $30 ALDI Vodka Just Won The Top Prize At A Huge International Booze Comp

Look, we all love a cheap award winner. There’s absolutely no doubt about that. In great news for you and your wallet, that $30 vodka from ALDI is now an award-winning drop, after it picked up a top prize at the annual Global Spirits Masters competition.

The very-affordable Tamova Vodka from the thrifty German supermarket chain took home a Master Award in the vodka category of this year’s competition, which is higher than a gold medal, and is handed down to the creme-de-la-creme of the entrants. Gotta love that.

Tamova Vodka is a quadruple distilled drop with an apparently slightly sweet citrus palate. Not sure how that would affect making bulk white russians, but I’ll take their word for it.

This year’s win means back-to-back awards for the cheap booze section at your local ALDI, after the Greyson’s Seville Orange Gin brought home a Master award in the 2019 competition.

The best part about the ALDI vodka coming in with high accolades at this year’s awards? It’s part of the supermarket’s core range, which means you can pick up a bottle or two all year round. Yep, no waiting for a seasonal drop on this voddy folks, that cheap-ass champion is on shelves right now.

Bloody hell, I’ll drink to that.