Aldi’s Flogging A Cheapo Sausage Roll Maker Next Week, So BRB Becoming A MasterChef

aldi sausage roll maker

Aldi has upped the ante with their Special Buys because they’re about to start slinging sausage roll makers next week, which are quite literally the best thing since sliced bread.

Mark your calendars because September 9 is the lucky day when *you* (person reading this story, yes, YOU) can get your grubby, little mitts on a brand new pastry maker. Iconic, I know.

At this point, pie and sausage roll makers are the only thing getting us through 2020. You can chuck any combination of food into some puff pastry, cook it for a couple of minutes and Bob’s your uncle – you’ve got a sausage roll.

The possibilities are endless and sure, you don’t *need* a sausage roll maker to make a sausage roll, but it sure helps. And it’s also just a fun experience.

Thanks to Aldi, you can pick one up for just $24.95, which is somehow even cheaper than the cheapo Kmart one that’ll set you back $29.

But if a sausage roll maker doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, don’t fret because ALDI is *also* flogging a 16L Multifunction Air Fryer for $149 as part of their Home Cooking Special Buys range.

However, you’ll have to be quick because one shopper in the ALDI Mums Facebook group reckons “it will be like Boxing Day sales again.”

One quick trip to your local ALDI could give you the ability to make all of those viral foods you’ve seen all over TikTok