Friends, it is time. I know I’ve crapped on a lot about ALDI’s Special Buys over the years, but hands down my absolute favourite one is happening: the annual cast iron sale.

It’s a bit late in the year this time – considering this specific ALDI sale usually happens in May before the slow-cook season kicks off – but the Crofton deals are on from Wednesday (that’s tomorrow!) until stocks run out. Better late than never, right?

In this year’s cast iron sale, you’ll find all the usual suspects, as well as a couple of handy newer things that I don’t think I’ve seen pop up before. You’ll be able to load up on french pans, frypans, griddle pans, and Dutch ovens, as well as saucepans, stock pots, and a heavy duty roasting pan for $26.99 that looks like it could hold its heat for three years.

My kingdom for that roasting pan, I swear to god.

aldi cast iron sale 2021
LOOK AT IT. [Image: ALDI Australia]
For those of us who love an ~aesthetic~ energy and need to match everything, the ALDI cast iron gear will be available in the classic blue, red and cream styles the Crofton range has previously featured. That means you can match some new cookware with all the stuff you’ve got in the cupboard from the annual sale over the years. This year, there’s also a nice light, pastel green range if that’s your vibe, too.

aldi cast iron sale 2021
Cast Iron Dutch Oven – $24.99 [Image: ALDI Australia]
As for me, I’ll be adding to my current collection of cherry red cast iron stuff that I’ve been lovingly parenting for the last couple of years. Can’t wait to bring some new friends into the kitchen this week, who will give me the added bonus of getting a solid upper body workout whenever I heave it up from the cupboard to the stove.

Thank you once again, truly chaotic and beautiful ALDI middle aisle.

Image: Supplied