5 Things To Do To Let Yr Inner Boujee Self Loose On A V. Fancy Hayman Island Holiday

The White Lotus

Holidays are better when they’re boujee. I will fight anyone on that. I don’t care if it’s cooler to brag about backpacking, a real break is one where you can actually relax. And, anyone who says a cramped hostel makes them feel relaxed is lying.

So, let’s lean into our luxe sides, shall we?

For the ultimate boujee and bucket-list-worthy trip, head up to Hayman Island. Yeah fam, you don’t even have to leave Aus to live the fantasy. Located off the coast of Queensland, in the heart of The Whitsundays, this private island is open to the public and a li’l slice of damn paradise. Boasting blue waters, easy access to the Great Barrier Reef and lush rainforest, the location itself is dreamy, but you can up that opulence…

Dinner with a side of sea

Strap in for a private (read: fancy) dining experience on the sands of Hayman Beach at sunset. A four-course menu is seasonal and accompanied by a bottle of champagne, you classy things. Just make sure to take a date, otherwise prepare to fall head over heels for your friend in this romantic AF setting.

Swim-out rooms

The InterContinental Hayman Island Resort is famous for many things, but, the pool has to be the crown jewel. That bad boy is bigger than seven Olympic pools. Secure a room in the Pool Wing, because you deserve to stay in a swish ‘wing’ at least once in your life. But even ritzier is the fact that you can swim out directly from your private balcony into that famous pool. TBH once I swim out of a hotel room, I will never be satisfied with walking out again…

View from the top

My education in luxury experiences came courtesy of grand, over-the-top dates on The Bachelor. Say what you want about that franchise, but they certainly know how to do boujee. The helicopter ride was a Bachie special, so you best believe it’s on the old luxury to-do list. On Hayman Island you can lift off from your hotel and soak in the sights of Whitehaven Beach, The Great Barrier Reef, and spy the iconic Heart Reef.

Take a hike

In between lazing by the pool and stuffing your face with fancy food, take a hike through some of the lush greenery on the island. Make the most of the experience (and score the best ‘gram shot), by heading to Cook’s Lookout at sunrise. Yes, it’s early, but you know it will be worth it. Just have a disco nap on a sun lounge later in the day. Cook’s Lookout is the highest peak on Hayman Island at 250 metres, so pack your runners! You can also go for a guided hike through Blue Pearl Bay to look out over the Coral Sea – and cool off after with a snorkel in the cove.

Alfresco spa treatments

A white spa robe used to feel like the most luxurious thing on the planet, but oh no, it’s been trumped. Now, my friends, you can upgrade a spa treatment to have it whenever you please on Hayman Island. Want that massage on the beach? You got it. Would rather that facial in a rainforest cabana? No worries.

A Bamboo Loft suite is also on tap, complete with wine, an aromatic soaking bath and a steam room. If that’s not heaven, I don’t know what is.

If you see me there, don’t talk to me. I’ll be relaxing and pretending I’m Aussie royalty and I expect you to do the same. Enjoy!