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I never thought I’d actually miss having my IG feed flooded with Euro-summer getaway snaps, and considering the current state of things, it’s going to be that way for the time being.

Although overseas travel is (most likely) off the agenda for a while, Australia is bountiful in locations that are honestly stunning enough to put any Greek Island-hopping and the majestic turquoise of the Mediterranean to bed.

Don’t believe me? May I present to you exhibit A: The Whitsundays.

Located on the north-east coast of Queensland in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, The Whitsundays is world-famous for it’s 74 pristine islands, blindingly white sand, serene coves, kaleidoscopic reefs and millions of other natural wonders that are all packaged together in a feast of awe-striking beauty.

In short, it should be your go-to location if you’re looking to have your need for a week of immense luxury, relaxation, and adventure satiated.

There are various ways of getting to The Whitsundays, so it’s good to know what modes of transport are on offer so you can soak up as much island and beach hopping as possible when you’re there.

Getting There By Flight

The most important thing to note is that there are two airports located in The Whitsundays – Great Barrier Reef Airport (located on Hamilton Island) and Whitsunday Coast Airport (located in Proserpine). This makes it super easy to get to from major cities and other regional centres in Aus, as both offer daily flights from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Once you’ve booked your flight, you’ll then want to suss out the nitty-gritty of getting to specific locations within The Whitsundays. Most will require a scenic drive or serene boat trip to get to and from the airport – which really adds another element of fun and adventure to your trip.

To give you an idea of what it’s like to make your way around the awe-striking Whitsundays, here’s a rundown of how to get to and from 7 incredible locations there, and what to do at each of them.

Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island is the largest and most populated island in The Whitsundays – it’s also the only island in the region you can fly directly into (meaning even more time to get stuck into relaxing). There is an ~overwhelming~ amount of activities on offer in Hamilton Island – seriously, there’s something for everyone. For those wanting to relax, Spa qualia will satiate every chill desire you have, while those looking to get their adrenaline pumping can book an off-road adventure tour to explore the island.

Hayman Island

There are plenty of ways to get to Hayman Island. The easiest and most popular way to get there is by flying to the Great Barrier Reef Airport (on Hamilton Island), then hopping on a stunning boat transfer to the island that’ll have you soaking up primo views before you arrive.

Now, Hayman Island is absolutely The Whitsundays destination to get to if you’re looking to completely ball-out in a world-class resort. Hayman Island’s InterContinental Resort’s lagoon pool-side cabanas are astonishingly bougie (and perfect for day-round cocktails), making for the ultimate massage/facial location too. It’s also primo if you’re after beach activities like upright paddle-boarding, kayaking and sailing, or getting up close and personal with wildlife on a nocturnal tour.

Hydeaway Bay

You’ll find Hydeaway Bay (and its sister town Dingo Beach) situated at the top end of The Whitsundays, accessible via a picturesque 45-minute drive from Airlie Beach to Gloucester Point.

Cape Gloucester is the perfect spot for relaxing with a delicious feed at their two resorts or the Dingo Beach pub before hopping to the water to try your hand at fishing on the secluded beach. It’s also a great spot to try kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding. If you’re not interested in moving your body (at all), embracing the tranquillity of the area on the sand is a good op too.

Conway National Park

Located just 15 minutes from the centre of Airlie Beach, Conway is an essential visit for anyone who considers themselves even the slightest bit outdoorsy.

Seriously, if you’re after a bit of a sweat accompanied by the most stunning views you can get, we highly suggest taking a hike up to the rugged (but safe) terrain to catch the stunning 35 kilometre-long cliff to The Whitsunday Passage and islands. There are also a tonne of immaculate camping sites on offer in the region and if you’re wanting to get your adrenaline pumping, mountain biking through the Conway Circuit is a must (it’s BYO bike though, BTW). 

Daydream Island

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To get to Daydream Island, you’ll need to take a 30 minute boat from Airlie Beach or Hamilton Island in which you’ll be treated to the best views of the islands along the way.

It’s popular amongst Whitsundays-lovers as a day trip if you really want to embrace the European island-hopping vibe because of its secluded feel. There are heaps of established walking tracks winding through hidden beaches and secluded coves on the island that are perfect for a day of exploration on foot.

Airlie Beach

Arlie Beach is smack-bang in the middle of The Whitsundays and is known for its pristine beaches, incredible dining options and nightlife — it’s the ultimate relax-and-party-till-you-drop coastal town. You can get there by flying to Whitsunday Coast Airport and catching a 40-minute airport shuttle to the town centre. Hot tip: Airlie Beach is packed with incredible beach activities and is a great location to base yourself if you’re looking to explore the rest of the region due to its accessibility and transport options.


Located on the mainland at the very tip of The Whitsundays, Bowen is known for its 8 stunning beaches and adorable town centre. You can get there by taking a 45-minute drive from Airlie Beach. You can also opt to fly to Whitsunday Coast Airport and drive for a swift hour (with gorg views along the way) to arrive.

While you’re there, we highly recommend heading to the North Head Lighthouse and visiting the beach at low tide to catch a glimpse of sea life like red starfish, feather stars and green sea turtles, or even making your way to the iconic Big Mango.

Long Island

Long Island is one of the smaller islands within The Whitsundays (it’s literally 9km long and 400m wide) but offers up some of the most hypnotic experiences. It’s just 13km from Airlie Beach and the easiest way to get there is to fly into Whitsunday Coast Airport and take a transfer from Shute Harbour to Long Island.

Once you get there, settle into one of the two gorgine resorts on the island (Palm Bay Resort offers tranquil Balinese style accommodation), before heading out to the 17km of walking trails to explore the plentiful native flora and fauna. It’s also great to delve into the many bays with a snorkel to check out the expansive coral fringing reefs too.

If you’re enticed to put your Euro-sulking behind you and island-hop in QLD, you can suss out The Whitsundays website for more info.

Image: Tourism Whitsundays