5 Activities For Yr Whitsundays Holiday If Laying By The Pool Is Your Idea Of A Bad Time


If a tropical Queensland holiday has been on your radar for the last two soul-sucking years, then this one’s for you. Located in the Heart of the Great Barrier Reef, The Whitsundays is a cornucopia of activities and experiences.

While you may envision a glamorous, luxury holiday with tanned bodies decked out in white robes sipping on cocktails, there’s another side of The Whitsundays that is just as beautiful but way more exciting. We’ve found five of the most unique things to do on your Whitsundays holiday so you can focus on the fun. Let’s go, holiday-makers.

Attn: Adrenaline Junkies

You want exhilarating? You got exhilarating. Take a Tourism Whitsundays by Red Cat Adventures around The Whitsundays islands all in one day. Dubbed the fastest catamaran in The Whitsundays, this one should tickle your fancy if you have a need for speed. The bounding tour boat takes you around The Whitsundays and visits the world-famous Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet. Jump in the ocean for a snorkel on one of the seven wonders of the world before heading back by bouncing on the turquoise Whitsundays waters. Bloody lush.


Take To The Sea

If you prefer your holiday with a little less adrenaline, then activities like kayaking, sunset cruising or setting sail for the day may be more up your alley.  And while they are a tad more laid-back, you’re still seeing nature, chilling out and getting away from the busy hotel pool. Sign me the hell up, tbh.

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Ahoy Alert

Live your best Pirates Of The Caribbean dreams aboard the Providence V. It’s basically a big-ass boat that’s built from Queensland timber. She’s a replica of the 19th century American Blackfish, which were some of the first boats to compete in America’s Cup (a sailing competition). The Providence V also took to Hollywood when she starred in the 1992 movie Survive the Savage Seas. SO much more fascinating than lazing by the pool IMO. Enjoy an authentic sailing experience, live your best pirate life, and go snorkelling in crystal-clear waters.

Sleep With The Fishes

Not in a mobster way (what were you thinking?) but on the Cruise Whitsundays’ Reefsleep tour. You can spend two days and one night sleeping under the stars in the Heart of the Great Barrier Reef. It’s total bucket list stuff. Your friends may have camped on the Mornington Peninsula but have they ever slept ON TOP OF the Great Barrier Reef? Probably not. 

Bare It All

While bareboating may sound like getting your kit off whilst aboard a boat, it’s actually a very fun way to spend the day. You’re the skipper while your friends and family are the crew as you charter your own boat with no licence necessary. It sounds like a recipe for disaster but we see the glass as half-full and think of it more as the adventure of a lifetime. You’re given a comprehensive safety briefing and all of the boats are fully equipped for you to live and play à la The Lonely Island.

Any of these ideas caught your wanderlusting fancy? Want to live your best island life? Head to Tourism Whitsundays to book your dream holiday, now.