All The Hidden Gems Around Walt Disney World That’ll Make Your Mates Mad Jealous On IG

Walt Disney World hidden gems

I’m sure you’ve heard from countless mates and dates about their trip to Walt Disney World – frankly, they won’t shut up about it.

It’s one of those experiences that you don’t really understand until you’re there. It’s easy to judge your friends for waffling on about something they did eight months ago (if you’re reading this Sarah, let it go), but the old wives’ tales are true – when you finally venture there, you get bitten by the Disney bug.

If you’ve finally given in to the peer pressure and have decided to check out the Magical Kingdom for yourself, I’ve got a couple of ~secret~ things to do that not everyone has heard about.

This will be useful information for when you’re discussing your trip with a know-it-all who’s already been there and you need to flex on ’em. This world’s just one exhausting competition, after all.

Walt Disney World After Hours at Magic Kingdom Park

Okay, so probably the lesser kept secret of Walt Disney World is its after-hours events.

This is more of a hidden gem purely because it doesn’t happen every night, so you have to plan in advance if you want access to the park after regular closing hours.

But if you are there on the right night, you’re in for a treat – the entire place shines like a Christmas tree and the light show will make you feel things you didn’t know you could feel. Is it love? I dunno, you’re asking the wrong person for that one.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

But how can an entire resort be a secret experience, I hear one person shouting. First of all, shuddup, second of all, it’s not the resort itself that’s Disney’s little secret – it’s what goes on there that your average Walt Disney World-goer will miss out on.

Certain resorts have their own private dining experiences, and the Polynesian Village Resort has Lilo & Stitch rocking up during breakfast service to chill with the guests. If you stick around for dinner, you can also join in on the luau that features Polynesian dancing and an absolute feast.

Bet you didn’t do that when you were there, did you Sarah?

Holiday-Themed Events

Another plan-in-advance scenario that’ll likely mean your mates are yet to experience them, Walt Disney World throws special events for Halloween, Christmas – essentially all of the big-guns.

You have to get tickets to these ones too, which makes it all the more exclusive. Gotta love a private party, especially if it’s thrown at the most Magical Place On Earth™.

Disney Springs

if you really want to go somewhere your mates haven’t, catch a quick boat, bus or car to Buena Vista Blvd where you’ll find Disney Springs.

Bear in mind that you could hypothetically spend your entire trip there too, as there is a hodgepodge of different shops, restaurants and entertainment that you won’t see anywhere else.

Just a little heads up too: Cirque De Soleil will be coming in (America’s) spring 2020, so I suggest you get a leg up on everyone else and start booking your tickets now.

All The Hidden Mickeys

You’ve surely heard about the disguised Mickeys around every Disney park worldwide – essentially, it’s the iconic silhouette of Mickey’s face tucked away in secret locations – but do you know where the super hidden ones are? Didn’t think so.

I don’t want to spoil the fun for you, but I do want you to have evidence that you saw some Mickeys that your mates might not have seen, so here are a few vague hints to help you find them:

  • Look for a cluster of gems to the right, just before you get on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.
  • Rafiki’s Planet Watch has not one, but 25 hidden Mickeys scattered around, so go ham.
  • Keep a lookout for a totem pole in Epcot’s Canada Pavillion.

Alright so there’s about 4000,0000,0000 hidden Mickeys to spot but I’ve just given you three banging clues, so don’t say I don’t do anything for you.