Platonic On-Screen Relationships That’ll Help You Pick Better Friends

Movie friends

Because most of you are absolutely clueless when it comes to navigating relationships and friendships, sometimes a little inspo from movies can help. Not for me though, I’m perfect and everyone loves me.

Okay then… most of the people I meet find me rather pleasant and definitely don’t block me on social media.

Fine. Most people find me jarring, my overuse of Pinocchio gifs annoying and no one adds me on Facebook. Happy? Are you happy?

Moving right along: I’m by no means saying that we should be following fictitious characters’ own life choices to the letter, but these on-screen relationships have (mostly) come from the brains of people with experience, so it can’t hurt, right?

Popular movies show the best and the worst of people coexisting with each other, so pick up a pen and get jotting.


You best believe I pretended my pool lounge was a bobsled for a solid year after Cool Runnings came out, it was a highlight of my childhood.

And watching the OG Cool Runnings characters bond over the course of the movie will never get old. If you and your closest mates can ride a bobsled down a luge without stacking it, you know you’ve made it.

I’m not saying bobsledding is the only test of friendship, just an example of one. Pitchforks down.


Holes is that movie where you don’t want to be in the position of the characters at all (they’re out here digging holes in 30+ degree temperatures, no thanks), but something does make you want to swerve snakes and eat onions with your best bud.

Sure, at one point Stanley has to literally carry a fading Zero in the desert but it still looks kinda fun, you know?

Go on more adventures with your current friends, slackers. You only live once (allegedly).


If you ever find yourself employed by someone who resembles 101 DalmatiansCruella DeVille, run – employment is not worth it.

The gloriously evil DeVille might be one of Disney’s best villains but my word, if your boss starts making house calls purely to eye off your dog, hold Pooches tight and lock the doors.

What we can learn from Anita and DeVille’s relationship though is to just avoid toxic people in general, methinks.


Ahh, the non-love triangle of the ages.

While I know technically Miranda was ‘holidaying in Mexico’ for what seemed like 30 years – including the entirety of The Lizzie McGuire movie – there’s no denying that her, Lizzie and Gordo had an enviably close connection.

As for the Lizzie/Gordo romance (spoiler), it’s a tad murkier. One side of me wants to encourage people trapped in the friendzone to wait it out and hope that their crush/close friend will come around, but the realist in me thinks you should cut your losses and bounce.

I’ll leave that lesson up for interpretation.


If Sleeping Beauty taught me anything, it’s that you don’t need to be blood-related to have a next-level bond with someone.

Case in point: we see Princess Aurora’s actual parents for a solid 12 minutes of screentime, and her temporary guardian fairies for more than half the movie. Coincidence?

So, if someone you’re related to is being a jerk (most likely your cousin), remember that your good friends are like the non-blood cousin alternatives.

Keep ’em close.