OOFT: Virgin Just Dropped A Smorgasboard Of Flights From $75 So You Can Yeet On The Cheap

cheap flights virgin australia november 2020

Book in that leave you’ve been building up all year and get ready to just absolutely yeet yourself away from home for a while, because Virgin has dropped a shit-tonne of cheap flights just before the whole company exits voluntary administration.

Christ knows we’ve been itching to get out and as far away from our homes as possible after spending 99/9% of our time inside them this year, and what better way to do that than with a ridiculously cheap flight now that the state borders are opening back up slowly. How cheap? I mean there are flights in this sale starting at $75. That’s pretty bloody cheap.

Sydneysiders, you’re copping the best end of the deal stick here, with flights to Ballina (right next door to Byron Bay) from $75, Gold Coast from $79, Melbourne (hello!) from $99, and Perth from $169. Christ that’s a cheap flight to Perth, a place that normally costs like $500 to get to or something like that.

Here’s me on my first flight back tbh.

My fellow Melburnians, I know how much we all just want to fuck off already and thankfully things are pretty bloody decent if you wanna go interstate or off the mainland altogether – once those borders creak back open like a rusted-on gate.

Flights to Launceston start at $79 if you wanna go visit those monkeys in the park, flights over to Adelaide are going from $89. Further afield, you can trebuchet yourself to Sydney or Hobart from $99. Going to Sydney for under a ton? On Virgin with all that included baggage? That’s grouse as, in my opinion.

Perhaps you’re up in the heat of Brisbane and you simply yearn to get up in the tropical far north, dearly needing to go and sweat everything out up the top of the state. Well, you can do just that with flights from Brisvegas to Mackay and Rockhampton beginning at $99, and right up to Cairns from $109. Or maybe hit the Whitsundays (landing in Proserpine) from $89. You deserve more sunshine and a bit of a resort-style lie-down.

And here’s me, poolside.

I never thought I’d say this but I actually can’t wait to just sit down in a big tin can full of farts again, with that rumbling excitement in my guts that’s definitely linked for going on a holiday and not from the three coffees I necked before boarding.

Christ knows you’re due for a holiday, so nip over to the Virgin website now and get booking some cheap flights before it all ends on November 20. Go on. You fucken deserve it.