This Festival For Tiny Dogs Will Help You Forget About Yr Current Existential Dread


This week has been particularly exhausting. It just feels like everything happening in the world is just getting a little bit too hectic right now.

However, at the risk of becoming increasingly nihilistic, there’s always a silver lining to be found. The iconic team at Brisbane’s Welcome To Bowen Hills may just be the ones to pull you out of your rut this weekend as they play host to the free Tiny Dog Festival. We can already feel a shred of hope begin to creep back at the thought of giving a friendly cuddle to one of these teeny dogs.

This Saturday (March 14th), the food truck haven will extend its hospitality to our four-legged friends to serve up treats like puppacinos, as well as offer up beer and bone deals for you and your wee-lil mate to indulge in together. This is the type of companionship we crave in these dark times.

Kicking off at 12pm, the festival will also be on the search for a Best Dressed tiny dog which is just the most marvelous concept we’ve ever heard really. Embracing the jauntiness of the event even further, the festival will also been on the lookout for Brissy’s tiniest adult dog too.

It looked like 2019’s event absolutely pupped-off, with the likes of Brisbane’s premiere Chihuahuas and Jack Russells coming out to play amidst those looking to devour one of Welcome To Bowen Hills signature cocktails.

So if you reckon your dog is in fact, the city’s smollest pup, registrations are open now to show off your incredible lil one to the world – it’d almost be disrespectful to the OG internet dog Marnie (RIP) not to do so.