Shit Yourself For Cheap Atop The Sydney Harbour Bridge For Under $100 Next Month

If you’ve wanted to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge but could never justify spending a couple of hundred to contemplate your minute existence atop an internationally-iconic piece of architecture, get stoked because it’s winding back its charges to 1998 prices.

[jwplayer WAQmpNlf]

To celebrate the 21st anniversary of us plebs being able to clip on and scale the giant coathanger (legally), Sydney Bridge Climb is rolling the prices back to what it was back in 1998 for October 1 – a very tidy $98.

In a year where PM John Howard decided to not meet the Spice Girls like an idiot, Babe: Pig In The City is unleashed into the world, and Bindi Irwin was born, it cost you less than a greenback to clamber up to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge at any time, and so you’ll be able to do it again for one day only some 21 years later.

It doesn’t matter what time you wanna go, either – thanks to inflation and all that nonsense, you’d normally have to fork out $374 for a twilight climb, and $308 for a daytime climb, but for one (1) day you can do any of them for the original 1998 price. Before GST was rolled out and everything was kinda cheap.

The Big Bridge will also be slamming through all the top hits from 1998 all through October, so if you’re wanting to fight against a newfound fear of heights while listening to All Saints’ ‘Never Ever‘, or Jennifer Paige’s ‘Crush‘ (both certified dick-slapping tunes), you can do just that.

There was a light-up dancefloor at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for Vivid (exCUSE ME???) and though it’s not there for the birthday, you can still absolutely have a boogie to Ricky Martin and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones atop the iconic bridge. (Pls, bring it back.)

Tickets for the Big Birthday Bridge Climbs go on sale from 9am on September 12, so maybe act fast on that one and cop a spot in the very attractive coveralls over on the BridgeClimb website.