Here’s a sentence that I never ever thought that I’d write: Diplo is going to do a one-off DJ set in Sydney, but you probably can’t get on the list because it’s, uh, on top of the Harbour Bridge.

While he’s over here to play the stacked Listen Out Festival around the country, he’ll be making a very special stop in at Sydney to be the very first DJ set on top of the giant coathanger overlooking Sydney harbour.

Normal stuff here, totally and utterly normal.

Diplo has apparently been keen to perform on top of the bridge for some time, and after asking multiple times if he can just do a sneaky set atop the iconic bridge, they’re finally bloody letting him do it.

It’s all happening to celebrate the 21st year of BridgeClimb, so I guess it’s kinda fitting that a huge DJ performs for its birthday – it’s a 21st-birthday-party rite of passage to get someone on the ones and twos, right? If BridgeCLimb was a person, they’d be the most-popular kid in town for somehow landing fucken Diplo at their 21st.

What would you even put in a huge set like this? Obviously some ‘Old Town Road’ and maybe a couple of Major Lazer hits, and definitely the ‘Electricity’ from his work as Silk City with Mark Ronson and Dua Lipa.

So now that Diplo is going to be the first to clamber up to the very top of Sydney and do a performance, it’s surely opening the floodgates for more artists to put their hand up and ask for a spot on the highest stage in the city.

Imagine if they made it a regular gig spot – can we get Briggs or Amyl And The Sniffers or G Flip to do a show up there too? Surely it won’t piss off the people that

Though you can’t actually get into this mondo-exclusive set from Diplo, there will be plenty of video footage coming out after it. We know the man loves to go live on Instagram, so maybe he’ll treat us all that way, too.

Image: Getty Images / James D. Morgan