We all love a free flight, and while totally free is probably not a thing half a free trip is for reals thanks to the ever-popular Return For Free sale Jetstar brings back now and then, right now until tomorrow, the 2nd of May being one of the ‘thens’.

Yep, they’ve brought it back in celebration of their 15th birthday. Here are a few highlights for you to wrap your head around and start planning your work leave around:

  • Adelaide to Hobart from $87
  • Melbourne to Perth from $192
  • Sydney to Townsville from $143
  • Perth to Denpasar, Bali from $179
  • Melbourne to Phuket from $319
  • Gold Coast to Christchurch from $209
  • Gold Coast to Tokyo from $459

Obviously, check out the website for more fares and details but yes there’s a little fine print. Book an outbound ‘Starter’ fare and get a return one on selected flights as long as you book at the same time for the same airports. Selected being the key word here. And of course, extra things like meals and checked baggage are extra money.

The sale is on now until tomorrow at midnight, or until sale fares run out. So move your butts!

Image: iStock Images / [Sean Pavone]