Jetstar Is Slinging Out Return For Free Deals If U Need An Escape Route From This Shite Weather

Are you yearning for an escape from Australia’s shitty winters? The gloomy clouds and moody showers? Well, you’re in luck because Jetstar is jetting out some pretty good deals that’ll sweep you away from this miserable season.

Although the planets are (as of writing) not retrograding — which is major good cosmic energy — the vibes are still so bloody icky!

But, in good news, Jetstar has over 200,000 “Return For Free” flights up for grabs to celebrate its 20th birthday. What’s even better is that it doesn’t just apply to its domestic flights, but also its overseas routes!

Per 9News, the big birthday sale will allow Jetstar passengers to book a starter fare and then get a return starter fare for zero buck-a-roos.

If you’re looking to fly somewhere Down Under, punters can fly from Sydney to Ballina Byron from $86, Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Launceston from $87, Sydney to the Gold Coast from $99, Newcastle to Melbourne (Tullamarine) from $124, Gold Coast to Melbourne (Tullamarine) from $125 and Perth to Gold Coast from $262.

And don’t get me started on the overseas deals!!!

Some of the ‘yuge international sales up for grabs include Sydney to Auckland with fares starting from $308, Sydney to Seoul (Incheon) from $549, Sydney to Osaka (Kansai) from $548, Perth to Phuket from $329, Sydney to Honolulu from $449 and so much more.

THIS COULD BE U IN OSAKA!!! (Image source: supplied)

Some of the main things you may need to know before jumping on the site and draining your bank account is that the sale only applies to certain routes and travel days.

According to 9News, the travel dates may include mid-January to March 2025 for domestic flights and mid-June 2024 to late March 2025 for international routes.

If you’re already packing your bags (and I don’t blame ya if you are) the sale will begin 12am AEST on Wednesday, 1 May and will end at 11.59pm AEST on Thursday 2 May, unless it’s sold out.

Club Jetstar members already have exclusive access to the fares, so good luck everybody else I guess!