Here’s the thing about those outrageous flight deals that crop up every so often: You’ve gotta be in a fairly lucky spot to be able to drop the cash on them without notice. It’s all well and good to be tempted by the dirt cheap flights to some tropical paradise, but the reality of impulse buying airfares is that a lot of the time you’re either breaking the bank and committing to a couple of weeks’ worth of instant noodles, or they’re simply gonna have to pass you by.

Fortunately for you, however, paying for that well-earned holiday airfare just got a hell of a lot easier to manage.

As of today, Jetstar has introduced Afterpay as a payment method for all their airfares, meaning you can now split that huge airfare up across a series of manageable fortnightly payments.

The Afterpay system was launched in 2014, but Jetstar becomes the first major Australian airline to adopt it.

The system works by allowing customers to pay off a purchase in fortnightly instalments, similar to how lay-by works. The service will be available on all Jetstar flights priced between $200 and $1000. This means that, for example, a Melbourne to Sydney return flight that costs $264 can instead be paid off in fortnightly instalments of $66.

The catch, there’s always a catch but this one is minor, is that the fares incur a $10 transaction fee, and must be booked at least eight weeks in advance. That’s it. That’s all there is.

The service is available on Jetstar as of today, meaning now might be the time to start planning that sweet-ass vaycay.

No more air sandwiches for dinner after impulse buying flights, friends. It’s a bold new world we’re living in.

Source: 9 News