Jetstar’s Slinging $31 Flights Right Now, So I Implore You To Jump On That Shit Pronto

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

As coronavirus concern continues to spread – despite only 1 confirmed Aussie fatality so far – and Boomers bleed supermarkets dry of all shit tickets faster than Usain Bolt at the 2009 Berlin World Athletics Championships, airlines have started slashing prices to encourage us all to get back in the air.

One such airline is Jetstar – it’s just launched a “1 Million Seats” sale, which is, essentially, just a huge fuck off sale with a whole heap of mouth-watering domestic and international flight offerings. A lot of the domestic flights, in fact, start from around the $30-40 mark. That’s, like, the equivalent of an acai bowl plus a serve of smashed avo on gluten-free bread these days. Just some ~perspective~.

Anyhoo, check out just a small portion of the bonkers flight offerings below:

Here are some international picks, as well:

  • Sydney to Ho Chi Minh City from $219
  • Darwin to Singapore from $109
  • Melbourne to Bali from $229
  • Sydney to Queenstown from $179
  • Brisbane to Ho Chi Minh City from $288
  • Sydney to Phuket $209
  • Adelaide to Phuket from $279

BRB, currently checking how much time in lieu I’ve mustered up.

Check out all the flight offerings over at the ‘1 Million Seats sale’ here, complete with a toggle you can use search up the very cheapest of the bunch.