PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Busabout so you can kick back with the most flexible, hassle-free trip.

So, you’re going to Europe. HECK YEAH. We salute thee.


With great power comes great responsibility – you’re now faced with some big decisions, pal.

Do you find it painfully hard to call the shots, though? Do you also have trust issues and don’t want to lock anything down yet?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Indecisiveness lives in all of us, particularly in 2019, when we like to keep it cool, calm and casj.


The thought of Europe should be filled with nothing but happiness, giddy nerves and all things endorphins, but this planning stage can often be plagued by the subsequent stresses about where you should actually go, when you should actually go there and what you should actually do.

Here are some tips to help you sift through this pesky indecisiveness of yours, and rid yourself from all this unnecessary stress.

Pick your travel partners

First and foremost, you’ll need to figure out if you’re going to travel solo or with a bunch of mates. While I highly recommend solo travelling – trips like Busabout‘s make it easy AF to connect with fellow travellers and make new mates – vacaying with a group of pals can also come with a sense of security. If you are travelling with some buddies, you’ll need to gauge what their European wish-lists look like as well.

How To Actually Plan A Euro Trip When You’re Indecisive As Hell

Write a list of goals

Speaking of wish-lists, compile a mini list of your own goals. Oktoberfest? Definitely. Amsterdam Pride? Yass. Berghain? Good luck and best wishes. If anything, it’ll be helpful to visualise all your backpacking goals in one place, and allow you to figure out which goals are more important than others. It also might give you some idea about a possible trajectory.

Get advice from your mates

Some words of wisdom from those who’ve embarked on the blessed Europe trip before you will never go astray. Remember, though: while all advice is helpful, try not to take their opinions whole-heartedly. After all, everything’s so subjective anyway. Be prepared to absorb your mates’ experiences, then scrunch it up and throw it in the recycling bin.

Fuck the above advice

Pardon the French, but why not leave all that advice at the door and finally embrace that indecisive heart of yours? After all, traveling should always rely on a bit of spontaneity. Some my own greatest Euro-travelling memories, personally, occurred when I stepped out of my comfort zone, met new people, let go of planning and followed impulse.

So, be open to new experiences. Hop-on, hop-off wherever you are – you’ll meet people along the way, and end up travelling to places you didn’t expect to. That’s where the true fun in a Euro trip lies. Welcome to my TED talk.

How To Actually Plan A Euro Trip When You’re Indecisive As Hell

With Busabout’s Hop-On Hop-Off, you have the flexibility to travel around Europe at your own pace, making choices that are entirely yours. Go wherever you want, whenever you want and change your mind as many times as you like. The world is your indecisive oyster – go out and explore it, kid.

Image: Instagram: @busabout; @motionbrosnz