If You’re Trying To Organise A Last Minute Easter Trip, Avoid These Flights

If You're Trying To Organise A Last Minute Easter Trip, Avoid These Flights

Hello, fellow people who didn’t even realise it was Easter this weekend until right now. That is four days of glorious holiday – or overtime pay if you’ve got to work. If you’re currently doing the maths, thanks to a public holiday next week for Anzac Day, that also means the potential to turn three days of leave into a 10-day vacay.

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Hopefully, you’re already organised. But if you’re currently comparing flights like there’s no tomorrow, you should know that Skyscanner did a little research and discovered flights to some destinations can increase by up to 24% at Easter compared to normal times of the year. So, ah yeah, here are a few of their tips for you on the best places to go if you don’t want to be paying hiked up holiday rates, and where to avoid.

Basically, forget about New Zealand. Christchurch has estimated price increases of 20%, while Queenstown is just behind at an estimated increase of 17%.

Easter is naturally one of the most popular times of the year to get away,” explains Emily Cairns, Travel Expert for Skyscanner Australia, “But due to school holidays and many choosing to take annual leave, prices are expectedly higher than other times of the year.

It’s not all bad news though.

…Our data shows that there are still some great deals to be taken advantage of,” Emily says.

There are many reasons why these destinations could be cheaper at Easter, and one may be that most Australians avoid long haul travel over this period due to it being a traditionally shorter break.

So then, where can you actually save money on flights? Number one is The Philippines capital, Manila. Flights here around Easter are actually estimated to be up to 29% cheaper than normal. Then you’ve got Beijing at a 19% decrease,  Shangai and Kathmandu both at an 18% decrease in price. Next on the best deals list is the Taiwanese capital of Taipei at a 15% decrease, followed by Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok and finally Kuala Lumpur at 7-5% decreases in flight prices.

With that in mind, better book your flights like, immediately. Or just stay home and enjoy the pure bliss of doing nothing.