Here Are 6 Of The Most Haunted Places In Canada, Coz Who Needs Sleep Anyway

haunted places canada

It’s officially almost Halloween, and I’ve seen more plastic spiders in my house than actual spiders. C’mon folks, it’s time to get spooky.

In honour of the best of all days on the calendar (I defy you to prove otherwise), we’ve taken it upon ourselves to delve into the deepest, darkest, creepiest tales that emerged from ol’ faithful – the home of everyone’s fave bacon, Canada.

And make sure you have a spare pare of undies on hand because even to a seasoned ghost fan (hey demons, it’s me, ya girl) they’ll make you want to have a little nervy wee.

1. Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta

Despite being one of the most lush hotels Banff has to offer (it’s basically a damn castle), this one really takes the ghoulish cake.

Plopped in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, it’s had everything from a fire to a walled up room (that’d be room 873), plus a bunch of other deaths including that of a bride who fell to her death on her wedding night. Gown and all.

There’s even a named ghost, called Samuel Macauley, who allegedly materialises right in front of you in his bellman garb – some guests say they’ve even spoken to him. Beware the halls, obviously.

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2. Caribou Hotel, Carcross

Seriously, what is it about hotels? Within the walls of this spooky building in Yukon, the owners are fully aware of the fact that they aren’t the only residents of the house.

Not only have they heard guest stories of people standing at the base of their beds, or hearing nails get hammered into the walls late at night when nobody is around, but they also have had encounters themselves.

In the video below, Archie Lang (a previous manager of the hotel) detailed a tale where he awoke to the figure of a woman glaring at his bed. She silently stared at him as he awoke, and then as he walked down the stairs as if to follow her, she vanished without a trace or sound.

According to the lore, this was Mrs. Gideon, the previous owner of the hotel and caretaker, both in life and seemingly, in death.

3. HI Ottawa Jail Hostel, Ontario

Ah yes, staying in a 150-year old hostel that used to be a goal. Sleeping in what used to be a solitary confinement cell. Iron-barred doors and preventative guards on the stairs. This is all totally and utterly normal. Yes?

Sorry, but no. A strong no. The gaol not only has been known to echo screams and footsteps ringing out in the middle of the night, but it also has its own resident ghost – who died in the most controversial of circumstances.

The prisoner, Patrick James Whelan, was executed on site at the gaol in 1869 after being accused and convicted for the murder of Thomas D’Arcy McGee in 1968 – though many believed he was, in fact, an innocent fall guy for the murder.

There’s also one section of the hostel/gaol with such a dark negative energy that it’s referred to as ‘The Hole’ – the area that was once solitary confinement for truly dangerous prisoners.

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4. The Five Fisherman, Halifax

Welcome to the most negative, spooky, dark venue on the list: the deeply haunted and even more disturbing Five Fisherman Eatery, in Halifax.

The walls of this place have held more creeps than you could possibly expect – when it was first built in 1817 it was a schoolhouse, but things took a turn for the worse when ownership was transferred and it became a mortuary and funeral home – and played a key role in two of the region’s most extreme tragedies.

First was the sinking of the Titanic in Newfoundland – drowned victims were brought to the building as they waited for proper burial. It also took in bodies after the Halifax Explosion of 1917, where nearly 2,000 people lost their lives and the sheer magnitude of the coffins had them all stacked atop each other in rows outside.

With so many deaths clouding the building’s history, we’re not remotely surprised at all the reported sightings and experiences of paranormal activity – from cold pockets of air to ghostly apparitions, there’s word of them all.

Oh, but did you know it’s home to some of the most outstanding seafood in Halifax? Worth the brush with the afterlife, for sure.

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5. The Old Spaghetti Factory, Vancouver B.C

You would think that a place with the word ‘spaghetti’ in the name wouldn’t lead you astray. And yet, here we are… The Old Spaghetti Factory in Vancouver is reportedly haunted by no less than four regularly ‘sighted’ ghosts. Because one just isn’t enough.

They’re said to include the old tram conductor (who sits within the carriage at closing time), two children (known for bending forks and cutlery), and a spirit known as ‘Little Red Man’ who reportedly makes his presence known in the ladies bathroom.

Might I just say though, if there’s one place you really want to be left alone by ghosts, it’s while you’re mid-way through your business in the loo.

Apparently a visiting psychic once said the reason for the paranormal activity was that there was a “vortex” found at the back of the restaurant, so do with that what you will.

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6. Hatley Castle, Victoria B.C

Possibly the most obvious of haunting sites, we’ve got a legit castle. Really, it’d be almost too cliché if it wasn’t so terrifying (ghosts, pls do not take offence, we respect your humble abode). Fun fact: you might also know it as the place all the X-Men go to rest their weary, world-saving heads.

Owned by James and Laura Dunsmuir back in the early 1900s, the castle itself is a mishmash of architecture, with a medieval exterior, two Tudor revival wings and a Norman tower. It was built specifically for them – so you can be damn sure they’re still faffing about the place.

After they passed away, the Defense Department bought and used the castle for a dormitory, housing cadets – who very quickly reported spirits that were not happy with their presence. Female phantom experiences have been reported, with many believing it to be Laura herself.

And then we have Annabelle – which, I’m calling it, is the creepiest female name in current existence – a parlour maid ghost believed to have been betrayed by her married lover, and has been allegedly heard crying around the house, opening windows and doors.

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Okay folks. I’m at the point where every time I see someone looming up behind me, I fully expect a ghost to grab me – so we’ve hit peak spook. If you wanna keep the creeps coming, grab yourself tickets to the Halloween International Devil’s Night party at the Greenwood Hotel this Saturday the 27th of October, held by Network Canada.

It’s gonna have a bunch of Canada-themed activities (from kissing a codfish in Newfoundland to learning how to swear in French-Canadian – an important skill) and give you a good excuse to bust out the fake blood and creepy costume for a night.

It’s adults only so you know the scares will be fierce, and if you attend you’ll be in the running to cop free air fares, seven nights accommodation and six days of lift passes for two people to motor off to Canada. You’re bloody welcome.