Rustle up those Imperial credits, folks: Disney may just be introducing a full-on Star Wars hotel experience. 

Well, they’re doing preliminary research on the concept, but even their prospective spit-balling is just so damn good you can bank on it becoming a reality. 

According to new online survey obtained by a leading source on Disney theme park news, the company is asking fans how they’d feel about an immersive two-day starship-themed accommodation package. 

Seeing as it’s goddamn Star Wars, it all sounds nuts: guests could choose to engage in flight training, undertake hidden missions on the ship and the surface of the “planet”, or even brush up on some bloody lightsaber skills. 

The ship and its real-life crew would also apparently react to whatever choices you make, meaning you can go full Knights Of The Old Republic IRL. 
The amenities also sound predictably ace. The experience could include themed meals, site-exclusive entertainment features, a functioning cantina and robot butlers. 

The price of entry, currently thought to be anywhere between $1,200 to $1,350 per guest, would also include one day’s admission to the Star Wars-themed precinct of Walt Disney World Resort in Hollywood, which is scheduled to open in 2019.
Pricey? Sure. But goddamn, give punters a chance to go Westworld in that universe, and you’d have a ship full of scruffy nerf-herders in no time.

Source: Slashfilm / Walt Disney World News Today.
Photo: Walt Disney World News Today.