Looking hot, cool and rich on Instagram.

For some people, it’s the meaning of life.

While it might seem a little vapid and empty, looking like you’re the owner of a well-endowed wallet has its benefits. People are interested in rich people.

If your life looks like one big, obnoxious merry-go-round of Mumm champagne, Sydney harbour yacht rides and Birkin bags, chances are you’ll gain a social following (who secretly print screen your lavish uploads and laugh at your blatant douchery in the group chat).

But of course, lots of people fake it on the ‘gram.

Whether it’s wearing a Zimmermann frock to an event for an hour and returning it to DJs the following Monday, or posing in front of Dinner by Heston before eating Maccas in the Crown food court, there’s lots of smoke and mirrors involved in the curation of a fancy free life.

Case in point: a company in Russia has started hiring out grounded private jets to Instagrammers who want a pic inside a private jet without actually forking out the money to fly in one.

For as little as $310, influencers can spend two hours inside the Private Jet Studio in Moscow, taking as many #candid and #natural shots as their social approval-fuelled hearts desire!

If iPhone Portrait Mode doesn’t get you the shot you desire, a professional photographer can be hired for an extra fee.

The extra does not run out there. Magazines, food platters and bottles of bubbly are provided as props. I fucking cannot.

Приглашаем на борт нашего частного самолёта. Фотосессия 14 000₽/час

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Fake it till you make it… I guess.

Source: The Sun
Image: Instagram / @privatejetstudio