Air Asia’s About To Flog Off 5 Million Cheap-Ass Airfares To KL & Beyond

Sure, staying at home is cool. But have you ever tried strapping yourself into an absurdly complicated flying contraption and allowing a complete stranger to rocket you to an entirely different part of the Earth’s surface for about the same price as a punch in the head?

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Air Asia is about to launch an unfathomably large sale, that’ll see the low-cost airline put some 5 million – that’s FIVE MILLION – seats on sale, all of which will get you from major Australian cities to key locations in south-east Asia for barely a handful of change.

The sale, which begins at midnight this Saturday night/Sunday morning, will see you able to snare a seat from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur for just $139 one way.

One hundred and thirty nine dollarydoos. You can barely get down the bloody road for that price nowadays.

Elsewhere, flights from Sydney to KL are going for $159 one way, while Gold Coast chums will also be able to get outta here to the Malaysian capital for $159 as well.

Over in Perth is where it all gets real interesting.

Not only will Perthonalities be able to get over to Kuala Lumpur for just $129 one way, the sale also includes a stack of Perth – Bali flights for $119.

Barely bloody anything, really.

The sale begins at midnight on September 2nd for Air Asia BIG members, which you can sign up for by visiting their website. If you want to chance your luck, the general public gets access to the sale a day later on the 3rd.

As with all cheap flights, there’s terms and conditions. All fare prices are one way and stripped of all the bells and whistles, so if you want fancy things like checked baggage and seat selection you’re gonna have to fork out a wee bit extra.

All sale fares cover a wide-ranging travel period, which extends from February 18th 2019 until November 26th, so you’ve got plenty of time to sort out when you wanna get outta here.

Get yr credit cards out, mates. This is a hell of a deal.

All sale details can be found via Air Asia.

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