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I’ll be frank here. People can get pretty intense about their swiping habits. Me? I’m an open book. I’ll have a cheeky swipe when I’m having some wines with my best mate, or if I’m feeling particularly bored of an evening and there’s nothing capturing my attention on TV.

But some people take the fucking cake when it comes to being unashamed about their bold, very forward Tindering habits. You may have spotted them in the wild. The power swiper motoring away, elbow jutting into crowds as they walk down the street. The covert operator who holds their phone so close to their face that they could probably swipe with their nose. The commentator, shouting aloud at every match (followed consistently by an exclamation of “you bloody beauty”).

But if you’re a true Tinder user, proud and unafraid to declare it, you’ll know that you can sometimes go for a cheeky swipe in the most unlikely of places. We asked around the weirdest places we’ve ever seen someone give the app a crack. Because people really wanna find love, folks.

In the ocean

This is hands down the most baffling occurrence that I personally have ever seen. The dude clearly had a waterproof phone, because not only was he chest deep in the ocean but it was a pretty hectic surf that day and there was serious dedication to the swipe going on.

But the thing that I question, is what exactly did he hope to achieve by swiping mid-swim instead of simply waiting until he washed ashore? Tinder’s distance radius is still 2km at its minimum, so the 50m back to shore is not gonna change all that much. But you know what? I hope he finds his mermaid – or merman, whatever he may desire.

Bizarre Places People Have Been Caught Having A Cheeky Tinder Swipe

In the middle of church

For the love of all that is holy – literally. I suppose if you’re really keen to find someone with the same faith and beliefs as you it does make sense, but really how devout can you be if you’ll whip out ya phone in the middle of communion? Makes the sermon a bit more spicy.

And look, even if you can justify the mid-monologue swipe, don’t underestimate how many dirty looks you’ll cop from the folk around you just for having your phone out at all. Save it for the post-pew sitting morning tea and swipe till you get your fill.

Bizarre Places People Have Been Caught Having A Cheeky Tinder Swipe

Waiting in line for the loo

This one is made worse only when you consider that if the person in question takes a particularly long time in the cubicle, they’re 100% poop swiping. And look, we’ve all done it at some point, but in public restrooms there’s a level of decency that you should probably stick to. Ideally.

The thing is, if you happen to swipe the person of your dreams mid-swipe in the loo line, you’re going to have that engrained in your memory. Do you really want that to be something you can tell your grandkids? “I first stumbled upon your grandfather while I was trying to distract myself from pissing my pants one fateful night.” It’s not exactly what fairytales are made of, but you know, you can’t dictate when love strikes.

Bizarre Places People Have Been Caught Having A Cheeky Tinder Swipe

Boarding a plane

For the discerning traveller who seeks love on the tarmac. Honestly though folk, how do you see this one panning out? Maybe you’re there in the window seat, they’re across from you. The drinks cart smashes both of your knees at the same time. It’s a bonding experience, and suddenly you’re miles in the air and love is calling out your name.

Or do you match prior to boarding and hope that your seat partners are amenable to the growing passions between you and will swap? Or, in the more likely scenario, will you wind up staring at the back of someone’s head trying to figure out if they’re the babe you swiped on.

Bizarre Places People Have Been Caught Having A Cheeky Tinder Swipe

Image: iStock / piola666