4 O/S Spots You Can Get To (& Back) With Just $500 And A Lil’ Annual Leave

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Need a break? Buddy, you and me both.

To really eat up everything you need in a holiday though – like deviating from your comfort zone (and the human potatoes within it) – it’s going to come at a cost. Sorry about it.

We’re not asking you to throw away your life savings or anything. You’ll only need a bit of moolah to get you out of the country and, of course, some annual leave because a weekend’s just not going to cut it. 

You can get to the below o/s hotspots (and back home, of course) for under $500, which is achievable and therefore all-round neat. Obvi you’re going to need extra dollars (or Baht, Rupiah and Pesos) for things like food, accommodation, transport and just general existence but it’s up to you to figure out how much AL you’ve got and budget accordingly, innit.


Photo: Flickr / Jorge Láscar.

Referred to by the cool kids as KL, this Malaysian must-do is still relatively underrated and we have no idea why. You can hit up their labyrinth of spooky caves, get lost in culture, cop breathtaking views on the skyline at sunset and hop around the sights of Malaysia’s capital. Oh there’s also a glass-windowed sky box you can visit, which is only mildly terrifying.

Flights are departing from Gold Coast, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, starting from $129* until May 7 (hurry), for travel dates between May 4, 2017 and August 31, 2017. The tickets are one-way and exclude extras like baggage and seat selection, which is to be expected with these kind of deals tbh. Read more info HERE or go right ahead and book HERE.


Photo: Flickr / Mike Behnken.

While you’ve probably been there already (maybe you even drank out of a bucket; I did), we recommend hauling ass back over there and seeing all the things you missed out on when you were strapped for time. This is the opp you’ve been waiting for. Consider a 2-hour ferry from Phuket to the stunning Phi Phi Islands full of limestome cliffs, viking caves, white-sand beaches and snorkelling opps. This is the luxe yet chill vaycay you need and deserve.

You can get flights to Phuket (stopping over in KL) from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and the Gold Coast from $199* HERE.


Photo: Weerakarn Satitniramai / Getty.

Thailand’s capital city offers cultural experiences in spades. Manoeuvre your way trough the true hustle and bustle by picking up plenty of street food, with everything from Pad Thai to pancakes. Can I highly recommend Bangkok’s Chinatown aka Yaowarat, which is where you’ll find the cream of the crop.

You can get flights to Bangkok (stopping over in KL) from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and the Gold Coast from $199* HERE.


Photo: Facebook / Jessica Ward Photography.

Australia’s neighbouring country has so much to offer, including landscapes, adventuring, Lord of The Rings sets and ridiculous amounts of sheep. Even though it’s only some-2,000kms away from Aus, it’s got plenty of experiences that you just can’t achieve here. 

I reckon you can always cop a trip from Australia to NZ for under $500 should you book in advance (it’s only a three hour flight, after all), but there’s a hella cheap flight HERE going from Gold Coast to Auckland for $129*. Gotta book by the end of the weekend though, bro.

Alright, now go on and sod off. We don’t need you here. But overseas holidays?

They need you, baby.

*terms and conditions apply. Visit AirAsia.com.au for details.
Photo: Facebook / Jessica Ward Photography.