AirAsia Is Having Its Final Mega Sale Of The Year So Alert Ya Group Chat

AirAsia Announces Final MegaSale For The Year To 130 Destinations

Say goodbye to your savings folks, AirAsia is having its last MegaSale of the year from today until November 18th and you know your News Yeas Resolution is going to be to travel more.

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The fares going on sale will connect Aussies to over 130 vacay destinations including popular little hot spots in Thailand, Vietnam, India, Indonesia and Japan. Looking to get yourself a little further away? If you’re booking yourself a cheeky long-haul flight on AirAsia X you can find some Premium Flatbed fares for killer prices.

Flying out from Perth? Enjoy some $99 promo fares to Bali, or some $129 ones to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. If you’re on the Goldie or flying out from Melbourne Avalon can get there for $139. Sydney-siders can also get to Malaysia’s capital city for only $159.

Want some perks with your cheap flights? Go the way of pre-booking an AirAsia Value Pack. You’ll get a 20kg baggage allowance, one Santan inflight hot meal, standard seat selection and travel insurance by Tune Protect, including 1-Hour On-Time Guarantee and Baggage Delay protection.

If you’re not excited, you’re probably cray. AirAsia Group themselves are getting a kick out of it, with the Head of Marketing, Amanda Woo, letting you know how to sweeten the deal:

We are excited to offer our guests with another 5 million promotional seats globally. With this, guests can plan their travels far ahead to over 130 destinations across our extensive network. Guests are encouraged to sign up as an AirAsia BIG Member to enjoy even better benefits such as priority access to promotional campaigns, instant member discounts, seamless and more.

As always there’s a travel period, this time it’s actually pretty huge, with sales fares available for travel between 6 May 2019 and 4 February 2020, so plan yourself accordingly. Get clicking travel bugs.