PACK YR SHIT: AirAsia Is Doing Return Flights To India For Under $360

It’s that most rare and beautiful time of the month again, that incredible shimmering moment in which anything is possible and in which all dreams come true. I am, of course, referring to cheap flights day – a time for many of us where overseas holidays stop being impossible dreams and start being an actual thing you could do with your mates.
Thanks to AirAsia, you can get return flights to India right now for as little as $353, which, aggravatingly, is much, much, much less than what I foolishly paid for flights when I went to India last year. 
The flights are from a bunch of Australia‘s major cities and go into Kochi in the state of Kerala on the country’s south-west coast, which not only is beautiful in itself but is also a pretty good starting point to go anywhere else for the next to nothing it costs to travel by bus or train in India.
Have a gander if any of these take your fancy:
  • Perth to Kochi, starting at $353
  • Melbourne to Kochi, starting at $356
  • Sydney to Kochi, starting at $361
  • Gold Coast to Kochi, starting at $362
Most of the flights are available for around late July / August, so pretty much right around when you will be sick to death of winter.
You can wrap your eyeballs around these sweet deals right here.
Photo: Darjeeling Limited.