Do you like playing chess? Hm? Shufflin’ a few pawns around the old checkered board, yeah? 

Sure, chess in real life is cool, but you haven’t fucked with chess until you’ve experienced the untamed fury of CHESS ULTRA. Look at this insane trailer. LOOK AT IT. 
Oh SHIT, you best be holding onto your bishops, folks, because they’re about to get utterly PLOUGHED. At the end it says “1500 years in the making” because if you weren’t aware, chess is heaps old which automatically makes it better than the last three COD games combined. 
And you know what else? Playing against your dad – 4/10 chess. Playing against the motherfucking GRIM REAPER? That’s 900/CHESS, bitch. Anything less is for rookies and small babies. Can you even handle chess in 4K?
Chess Ultra is coming out this week and if the trailer doesn’t make you horny for virtual board games then you gotta be dead in the brain, friend. You can play it on PC, Xbox OnePS4 and oh, you can play it in GODDAMN VR.  
Apparently, if you lose to the Reaper, he’ll suck out your pathetic soul. Can you even fathom how much piss will be leaving your body when you virtually die because Death beat you at CHESS? Forgeddabowdit. 
There’s something for everyone. Chess by the water? YES M8. Chess in your uncle Stewart‘s south coast holiday house? AFFIRMATIVE. Chess, but the pieces have eyes that are ON FUCKING FIRE? YES YEAH. 
Photo: YouTube / Gaming Cypher.