Along with the expected Marios and Zeldas, a new Nintendo console usually heralds a new Pokémon game of some description, too. 

If you’ve been wondering about the Switch iteration of the franchise, it looks like it’s well on the way, folks. 
Pokémon developer Game Freak have posted a job ad looking for a character modeller based in Tokyo. They’re after someone with experience making characters for Wii U and PS Vita games and under responsibilities, lists making “exaggerated toon style people, monsters and item models”
Furthermore, the posting refers to the “new title” as a “consumer game”, which sources reckon could rule it out as a smartphone version. 
The company are also after a 3D CG designer, stating it’s “your chance to get involved with developing a RPG that’s popular worldwide.” Smells a lot like those little Pokéman buggers to me. 
A heap of Japanese game sites reckon the ads are a bloody good indication of Sun and Moon versions for the Switch, but Nintendo is yet to confirm anything. 

I, for one, look forward to battling a few bloody pocket mongrels when the game is eventually released. 
Source: Kotaku
Photo: Pokémon.